The Announcement of Fortune Wings Club Members Maintaining and Upgrading Policy during the Epidemic Prevention and Control Period


Dear members,

Due to the outbreak of Coronavirus from late January of 2020, Fortune Wings Club Members have corresponded national epidemic prevention and control policies positively and trips have been severely impacted. To reward your long-term support to Fortune Wings Club, we are now launching the maintaining and upgrading policy during the epidemic prevention and control period as follows:

1.     Policy period

From February 1,2020 To December 31,2020 

2.     Applicable Group

All the Fortune Wings Club members.

3.     Applicable Details

3.1      Unconditional maintaining policy

During the policy implementation, FWC elite members (including Platinum, gold and silver card) that member tier would be degraded in current month, will be automatic maintained by their original levels and the validity periods will be extend by another elite member period; Namely, the member tier validation would be from the day of upgrading till the end of the next month of the next year, which would be up to 14 months. For example, the original member tier, which will be expired on March, 31th, 2020 and maintaining conditions are not met, will be automatically maintained and the valid period will be April 1st 2020 to May 31th 2021.


3.2      Promotion upgrading policy

<2020 Enjoy the Gold and Silver Card Maintaining and Upgrading> promotion Upgrading policy allows Fortune Wings Club member to consume 2020 FWC points as registration to enjoy 20% off discount now! Details can be found on the FWC official website.

Click here to register:


4. Notes

4.1 Unconditional maintaining elite card has the same expiration date and enjoy the same rights with the original elite card.

4.2 Unconditional maintaining is only for members who will be degraded on the current month, cannot be applied in advance.


Feel free to call our member service hotline 950717. The final interpretation rights belong to Fortune Wings Club.

The expiration date will be announced on the official website of Fortune Wings Club, official website of Hainan Airlines and APP of Hainan Airlines according to the epidemic prevention and control situation, please pay attention to the information change any time.

Thank you for your continued support for Fortune Wings Club.


Best regards,


Fortune Wings Club