Notice on Optional Service Differentiation Provided by Tianjin Airlines for International Flights


Fortune Wings Club members:


To provide passengers with diversified and customized services, Tianjin Airlines will launch Service Differentiation on international routes: For flights departing for and from Japan and Republic of Korea on and after October 27, 2019, Tianjin Airlines will carry out class-based free checked baggage allowance policy. Passengers may purchase extra baggage allowance at check-in counter or via service hotline 86 10 95350. More ways of purchase will be added soon. The additional free baggage allowance included in rights of Fortune Wings Club remains valid.

To serve exquisite culinary on board, meals and beverages will no longer be provided free of charge in the Economy Class of international medium and short haul flights as well as in the Economy Class of domestic segments of inter-continental flights. Instead, passenger may take optional order on board, and may consult via 86 10 95350 about demands of special meals. On certain medium/short-haul flights, hot meals are currently not available. 

I Scope of application

Tianjin=Tokyo, Tianjin=Osaka, Tianjin=Sapporo, Tianjin=Nagoya, Tianjin=Seoul, Tianjin=Ulan Bator; and more services will be available upon formal notice.

II Free checked baggage allowance policy for involved international flights


Free Checked Baggage


Pieces of Baggage

Business Class



Economy Class



Note: The free checked baggage allowance of Tianjin=Ulan Bator Flights will be based upon further formal notice. Certain models of aircraft may only offer the Economy Class.

III Means of purchase for checked baggage allowance and on-board meals

1. Baggage: Purchase at check-in counter or pre-order via service hotline 95350

2. Meal: Order via Website of Tianjin Airlines-Value-added Service-Meal Order (link), WeChat Official Account (tianjin-air) or APP, or order directly on board


Please read the service contents carefully when booking. Tianjin Airlines thanks for your appreciation and cooperation and wishes you a pleasant journey!

See the Notice for details. Thanks for flying with Tianjin Airlines.


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