Alaska Airlines
Alaska Airlines is the sixth-largest U.S. airline based on passenger traffic and is one of the most popular U.S. West Coast air carriers. Headquartered in Seattle, Alaska Airlines carries more passengers between the state of Alaska and the Lower 48 than any other airline. The airline has expanded significantly to serve several U.S. East Coast and Southern cities including Nashville, Charleston and Raleigh/Durham and began flying to Costa Rica last year.

Point-Earning Standard


1. The Fortune Wings points are accumulated IN “kilometer” and in accordance with the "Ticketed Point Mileage” (TPM) published by IATA. In the case of a flight distance over 500 kilometers, K refers to the actual flight distance. In the case of a flight distance under 500 kilometers, K will be calculated to mean 500 kilometers.
2. Fortune Wings Club members can accumulate Fortune Wings points only when taking Alaska Airlines flights with the code “AS.” Free tickets, group tickets, and other tickets that Alaska Airlines has specified not eligible to earn points will not be valid for the accumulation of Fortune Wings points.
3. Fortune Wings Club members can accumulate Fortune Wings points when taking Alaska Airlines flights with the following fare base codes.
AS 001-999

AS 1000-1999
AS 2000-2849
AS 2900-2939
AS 3275-3299
AS 3380-3499
4. Booking code refers to the code indicated in the “CLASS” column on the ticket. Please pay special attention as it will impact the number of points you earn.
5. Please provide your Fortune Wings card number when booking your flight or handling check-in formalities.
6. One flight’s points can only be recorded once in one frequent flyer program (FFP) account – either the Points Plan of the Fortune Wings Club or the Mileage Plan of Alaska Airlines. Passengers should confirm choosing correct loyalty program card number to record when buy tickets and check-in. If points have already been added into Fortune Wings Club account, passengers cannot transfer points into another FFP account.
7. If your new points fail to show up on your Fortune Wings account, please visit, fax or email a copy of your flight tickets or call (+86-898) 95339-8 within 180 days after the date of your flight to file a claim. Please preserve your boarding pass and a copy of your ticket until your new air miles in points are credited to your account.

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