The bank of China
Bank of China, the full name of the bank of China co., LTD., is one of the five biggest state-owned commercial Banks. In August 2004, the bank of China co., LTD. Was founded. In June, July, 2006, the bank of China successively on the Hong Kong stock exchange and Shanghai stock exchange listed success, to become the first domestic "A + H" offering Chinese commercial Banks.

Point-Earning Standard

Bank of China credit card integral with Fortune Wings Club integral change ratio of 29.5:1, 29.5 bank of China credit card points for 1 Fortune Wings Club point.

Terms and Conditions

1. Every time to exchange 14750 BOC points = 500 Fortune Wings Club points. 
2. Since April 30, 2010, the Fortune Wings Membership card that cardholders entered in first exchange will be identified as the only number. Fortune Wings Club card number cannot be changed when exchange points again.
3. Since January 27, 2015, Hainan Airlines annual integral exchange limit for 80000 points per person.
4. Points awarded from this merchant shall be Award Points, not Status Qualifying Points (SQPs).

Reservation Method

Please log in "bank of China 365" ” and select "super reward -- Hainan Airlines" online exchange.