2018 Fortune Wings Club Elite Challenge!

【Promotion Period】

01/01/2018 - 12/31/2018

【Promotion Details】

As an elite member of the Fortune Wings Club,you can enjoy more exclusive privileges such as: extra points bonuses, priority ticketing and reservations, free alterations and refunds, free extra baggage allowance, and first class and business class VIP services for departing and waiting flights at all cities whose airports are served by Hainan Airlines. For details, please go to VIP privileges.

Fortune Wings Club members who are also VIP members of other airline clubs or airline alliances, or who hold platinum or higher credit cards, may apply to take part in the Fortune Wings Club VIP Status Challenge and win Fortune Wings Club VIP status.

【Challenge Criteria】

Members who meet the Challenge criteria may submit applications to the Fortune Wings Club. Those who travel on flights operated by Hainan Airlines, Grand China Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Lucky Airlines, Capital Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, Suparna Airlines (formerly known as Yangtze River Express), GX Airlines,Urumqi Air(flight date from May 21,2018), Alaska Airlines or Virgin Australia during the Challenge period (within 100 days (inclusive) of the date of application) and meet the other event criteria shall gain Fortune Wings Club VIP status.


Gold Card Challenge

Silver Card Challenge

Within 100 days

12 Status Qualifying Segments (SQSs)/

15,000 Status Qualifying Points (SQPs)

6 SQSs/9,000 SQPs

Note: SQPs/SQSs will be calculated in accordance with the prevailing flight accumulation criteria. Challenge flights will be counted in accordance with vetted and approved flight dates.

【Eligibility to Participate】

Compliance with one of the following:

1. VIP membership of another airline with Silver Card or higher grade.

2. VIP membership of any airline alliance with Silver Card or higher grade.

3. Bank-issued platinum or higher grade credit card holder.

【Application Methods】

1. By mail 

Please complete the registration form below, attach a scanned copy of your airline/airline allowance/bank-issued credit card and send them together to the Fortune Wings Club Member Customer Service mailbox (vip@hnair.com) for processing.

 Card number



 John Smith

 Current Fortune Member Club Grade

 Standard Card

 Other airline name/Bank name

 Industrial and Commercial Bank of China

 Membership level/Bank card level

 Peony Hainan Airlines Credit Card

 Challenge Level

 Gold Card

 Applicants who do not hold a Gold Card: do  you wish to upgrade to a Silver Card?


 Date of application


 Date of start of Challenge


2. By telephone

In China, call the Fortune Wings customer service hotline 950717 to complete the application and be prepared to send the scanned elite account documents for other airline/airline alliance/credit card VIP cards.


1. The other airline/airline alliance VIP card or bank-issued credit card of platinum grade or above shall be valid at the time of application.

2. The date on which the member starts the Challenge may not precede the registration date. Once the application has been accepted it may not be canceled or modified. You may restart the Challenge following the end of the Challenge period then in effect.

3. Members who participated in the 2016 or 2017 Challenges and succeeded in winning upgrades may not participate in this year’s event. Members who succeed in winning upgrades in this year’s event may not participate again within the next two years.

4. Members challenging for Gold Cards shall confirm at the time of application whether, in the event that their challenge for a Gold Card fails, they wish to upgrade to a Silver Card. If their challenge for a Gold Card has failed but they meet the criteria for a Silver Card, if they agree, they may be upgraded to a Silver Card at the end of the Challenge period. A member whose challenge is deemed to have failed by default, however, may apply to challenge again.

5. In the interest of the enjoyment of regular credit card rights and benefits, for the duration of the validity of the VIP card, Challenges for other VIP cards of the same grade shall not be permitted.

6. A member whose challenge meets the criteria for a deferred upgrade shall enjoy the corresponding rights and benefits from the time at which they achieve that upgrade and their membership at the previous level shall be annulled.

7. The period of validity of membership cards of participating Gold and Silver Card holders shall run from the date of the upgrade to the following month of the following year. VIP status shall be extended if, during the period of validity of the VIP membership card, it would otherwise be maintained.

8. Unlike regular VIP members, Challenge upgrade VIP members shall not enjoy free cabin upgrade rewards contributing to membership status upgrade or maintenance or the rights and benefits of point overdrafts.

9. After taking flights, please pay attention to the crediting of points to your account at all times. If there are flight legs for which you have not been credited, the system will treat records of flights in your account that have been checked and approved as the basis for evaluation.

10. A member who also satisfies the standards for a regular upgrade shall be upgraded in accordance with that higher status and enjoy the corresponding level of VIP services, rights and benefits.

11. The bonus of qualifying for Select Card status(1500 Status Qualifying Points and 1 Status Qualifying Segment)are not suitable for this promotion!