Notice on Application

Passengers that are two years of age or older are eligible to join the Fortune Wings Club free of charge and participate in all programs including earning miles and redeeming miles for various rewards. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before enrolling.

• General Conditions
1. The Fortune Wings Club is the frequent flyer program for Hainan Airlines, Grand China Air, Lucky Air, Tianjin Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines ,Capital Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines and Yangtze River Airlines.
2. Companies and other legal entities are not eligible to take part in this frequent flyer program. This program will not accept joint applications or any similar applications of more than one person, nor will it accept multiple applications by the same person.
3. Passengers shall ensure that his/her personal information is detailed and accurate; the Fortune Wings Club has the right to decline any application in the event of receiving incomplete or falsified personal information.
4. By completing and signing the application form, members shall agree and abide by the rules and regulations regarding points accrual and reward programs set forth by the Fortune Wings Club as well as any changes or additions that might occur in the future.
5. The Fortune Wings Club has the sole right of ownership of the membership card. Qualified frequent flyers retain only the right of individual control, use and benefit. The card may not be arbitrarily used or transferred to others.
6. Should there be any change in your address, phone number or email, please inform the Fortune Wings Club as soon as possible. The Fortune Wings Club shall not be held responsible for any loss, delay or expiration of correspondence that results from an incorrect address.
7. The Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to audit any account at any time and without notice to the member to ensure compliance with the Fortune Wings Club program rules and applicable conditions of carriage and tariffs. During the auditing period, the Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to take appropriate action, including but not limited to, suspension of the member’s points accrual and benefits and privileges, prohibition of the member from redeeming points credits for an award or ticket, until the audit is satisfactorily finished .
8. At no time may Fortune Wings Club points credits or award tickets be purchased, sold or bartered (including but not limited to selling, transferring, gifting, or promising points credits or award tickets in exchange for support of a certain business, product, or charity and/or participation in an auction, raffle, or contest). The Fortune Wings Club prohibits any of its members from performing any damaging behavior towards any other member, provision of false or incorrect information by the member, or any other action or /and behavior considered inappropriate by the Fortune Wings Club, which includes, without limitation, violation of its partners’ rules, improper behavior or harassment towards its employees, or refusal to follow instructions from its employees.
9. Fraud, abuse or inappropriate use of Fortune Wings Club points credits, benefits or awards, or violation of applicable Fortune Wings Club program rules and airline terms and conditions is subject to administrative and/or legal action by the Fortune Wings Club without prior notice to the member. Such action may include, without limitation, termination of membership and membership benefits, cancellation of all accrued miles of the member, denial of the member's future participation in the Fortune Wings Club program and forfeiture of all awards and other measures that may be taken by the Fortune Wings Club to defend its legal rights and interests. In addition, the Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to take appropriate legal action to recover damages. Violators (including any passenger who uses a purchased or bartered award ticket) may be liable for damages and litigation costs.
10. Any violation of the terms and conditions of the Fortune Wings Club may result in the award tickets of the member or the passenger being confiscated or the member or the passenger being denied boarding. If a trip has been started, any continued travel will be at the passenger's expense on a full-fare basis. The passenger and member will also be liable for the cost of a full fare ticket for any segments flown.
11. In the event of any damage caused to the Fortune Wings Club or any of its members by the member’s willful use of a system error, malfunction or defects, the member’s membership will be terminated and all the accrued points credits will be cancelled. In addition, the Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to take appropriate legal action to recover damages.
12. The Fortune Wings Club or its partners are not liable for any indirect loss borne by the member or the passenger incurred by offers and awards or denial of offers and awards.
13. The Fortune Wings Club and its partners may have a change in their addresses and phone numbers or the termination of the Club’s partnership with them are subject to change without prior notice, and the Fortune Wings Club and its partners are not responsible for these changes.
14. The Fortune Wings Club will make the utmost effort to ensure its partners provide relevant services, but shall not be held responsible for the products and services from its partners.
15. In case of any legal dispute, arbitration shall take place at the People's Court of Meilan District in Haikou.

• Accumulating points
1.The points used to redeem for any awards must come from one account and cannot be combined with miles in another account, unless a special exemption is made by the Fortune Wings Club.
2. points and relevant rewards obtained illegally or by violating the conditions are invalid.

• Redemption Designees of Airline Rewards
1. The airline rewards redemption (award tickets or award upgrades) could not only be used by members themselves, but also be transferred to valid redemption designees specified by members for using. Non-airline rewards redemption is not limited by this rule.
2. A member could set 10 designees at most. Companies or legal-person entities could not be set as designees.
3. Any addition or change to the name list of redemption nominees will take effect 30 days after application.
4. Deleted designees will be valid immediately.
5.Children or infants as redemption designees should have adult accompanied. Adult redemption standard and other rules apply.
6. For other redemption rules and process, please refer to the Rules on Redemption Designees of Airline Rewards.

I agree with and I accept the Terms&Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Fortune Wings Club or any future amendment and supplement. To enjoy more privileges and quality services, I agree that the Fortune Wings Club can send my information to group company as well as other related companies, and use my information legally.