Notice on Application 
Passengers that are two years of age or older are eligible to join the Fortune Wings Club free of charge and participate in all programs including earning miles and redeeming miles for various rewards. Please read the following terms and conditions carefully before enrolling.

• General Conditions
1.The Fortune Wings Club is a frequent flyer program shared by Hainan Airlines, Grand China Air, Tianjin Airlines, Hong Kong Airlines, Lucky Air, Capital Airlines, Fuzhou Airlines, Yangtze River Airlines ,Guangxi Beibu Gulf Airlines , Urumqi Airlines, Air Changan and West Air.
2. Fortune Wings Club has the right to abolish and adjust the rules, terms and relevant procedures of Fortune Wings Club at any time. Meanwhile, Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to terminate this frequent guest program at any time. The change will be announced through the official website of Fortune Wings Club before implementation.
3. Please ensure that your personal information is detailed and accurate. The Fortune Wings Club has the right to decline any application in the case of receiving incomplete or false personal information.
4. Companies and other legal entities are not eligible to take part in this frequent flyer program. This program will not accept joint applications or any similar applications of more than one person, or multiple applications by the same person.
5. Passengers shall ensure that his/her personal information is detailed and accurate; the Fortune Wings Club has the right to decline any application in the event of receiving incomplete or falsified personal information.
6. When providing any personal information to Fortune Wings Club, members indicate that they agree with and abide by the relevant rules of points accrual/redemption and Privacy Policy of Fortune Wings Club, as well as any changes and additions that may occur in the future.
7. The Fortune Wings Club has the sole right of ownership of the membership cards. Qualified frequent flyers retain only the right of individual control, use and benefit. Membership cards cannot be arbitrarily disposed or transferred to others.
8. If the VIP card is damaged, lost or not received, please contact Fortune Wings Club immediately. We will apply for a new one for free. The number and validity of the VIP card will remain unchanged.
9. Members are obliged to manage personal accounts. Fortune Wings Club will not bear the above consequences and responsibilities for the failure of points accumulation or contact caused by the change or lack of member's personal data (including but not limited to ID number, mobile phone number, e-mail address, address, etc.), the clearing of points caused by the lack of effective activity record for a long time in the account, the tampering of member's information or the theft of points caused by the disclosure of account password, etc.
10. Points and accounts cannot be transferred or combined with any other account. Points cannot be redeemed for cash. Members are subject to pay any tax or fee that occurs under relevant government regulations.
11. The points for any award redemption must come from one account and cannot be combined with points in another account, unless the Fortune Wings Club makes a special exemption.
12. Fortune Wings Club has the right to audit the member's account without notification, so as to ensure that the member abides by the rules of Fortune Wings Club and the relevant transportation and freight terms of the airlines. During the audit period, Fortune Wings Club has the right to take corresponding actions, including but not limited to suspending the accumulation of members' points, suspending members' privileges and interests, prohibiting members from exchanging rewards, freezing members' account status, etc. During the freezing period, members will not be able to log in their accounts and conduct any account transactions.
13. At no time may Fortune Wings Club points or award tickets be transacted, including, but not limited to, selling, transferring, gifting, exchange for support of a certain business, product or charity and participation in an auction, lottery, or contest.
14.Members are obliged to abide by the regulations of Fortune Wings Club, reasonably exercise their right. Any improper use, abuse or misuse of their rights and interests, as well as other behaviors that fail to comply with the relevant terms and rules of Fortune Wings Club and airlines, including but not limited to: reselling the rights and interests of points or points exchange; Provide false or wrong information to join the club; Maliciously occupying seats, rescheduling and refunding airline tickets; Profit from system errors, failures or loopholes caused by any reason; Making use of membership to make profits; Violate the regulations of the airline company or the partner concerned in the frequent flyer program.
Fortune Wings Club has the right to take the following measures, including but not limited to: terminate the membership (including VIP membership, VIP member must return the VIP entity card); Prohibit such members from joining the club again; Reduce the points or exchange interests used for reselling; Cancel the member's accumulation or exchange rights and interests (including VIP exclusive service rights); Cancel unused tickets, undelivered reward orders, improper accumulation of points and other unjust enrichment; Other punitive measures taken for members' points or the rights and interests of points exchange.
At the same time, Fortune Wings Club reserves the right to take legal action. Violators should undertake the liability of compensation for the losses of Fortune Wings Club and airlines, as well as the litigation costs, lawyers' fees and other rights protection costs of Fortune Wings Club and airlines.
15. The Fortune Wings Club will confiscate award tickets or deny boarding of members or passengers in case of any violation of the terms and conditions. Passengers who have already taken flights are responsible for any follow-up travel fees, such as paying the full-fare price of the ticket. Passengers or members will also be liable for the cost of full-fare tickets for segments already flown.
16. The Fortune Wings Club or its partners are not liable for any indirect loss of members or passengers incurred by offers and awards or denial of offers and awards.
17.Fortune Wings Club is the final organization to decide whether its members are qualified to obtain points.Fortune Wings Club has the right to cancel or recalculate the accumulated error records at any time according to the audit results.
18. The Fortune Wings Club and its partners will bear no responsibilities for changing addresses and phone numbers or terminating partnerships without prior notice.
19. Fortune Wings Club will make the utmost effort to ensure partners' providing relevant services, but will not be held responsible for the products and services coming from its partners.
20. In the case of any legal dispute, please file lawsuits in Haikou, Hainan province.
21. In the case of discrepancies between the Chinese and English versions of the program terms and conditions, the Chinese version shall prevail.
22.The Fortune Wings Club has the final right to interpret the terms.

• Accumulating points
1.Members of Fortune Wings Club need to manage the valid period of points in their account and the time limit of Flight points. Fortune Wings Club will not bear any responsibility and consequences for the loss of points caused by members' personal reasons.
2. Points cannot be accumulated for the following types of air tickets or ticket prices: the flight tickets taken before registering as a member, free air tickets, tickets without face value, baby tickets and other tickets deemed by HNA as not suitable for accumulating points.
3. Fortune Wings Club is the final organization to decide whether its members are qualified to obtain points; If a member gains points in violation of the terms and regulations in the Member Handbook, Fortune Wings Club has the right to cancel them at any time.
4. Members are not allowed to transfer points and account to a third party. The points used to redeem for any awards must come from one account and cannot be combined with miles in another account, unless a special exemption is made by the Fortune Wings Club.
5. The points and accounts of members shall not be transferred or consolidated, and the points shall not be converted into cash or be used for deduction of cash. If the points reward is taxable due to relevant government regulations, the tax shall be borne by the members themselves.
6. Points and related rewards obtained illegally or in violation of these provisions and conditions shall not be cashed.
7. Fortune Wings Club members can accumulate points through consumption at partners, which are explained in relevant partners of Member Handbook. Fortune Wings Club can make amendments at any time according to specific changes, and inform members through Jinpeng website

• Redemption Designees of Airline Rewards
1.The airline rewards redemption (award tickets or award upgrades) could not only be used by members themselves, but also be transferred to valid redemption beneficiaries specified by members for using. Non-airline rewards redemption is not limited by this rule.
2. A member could set 10 beneficiaries at most. Companies or legal-person entities could not be set as beneficiaries.
3. The application about adjusting members or ID of the redemption nominees would take effect in 30 days.
4. It would take effect at once when applying for deleting beneficiaries. If the beneficiaries have ever been deleted our of the list, it would take 30 days for re-adding them in.
5.Children or infants as redemption beneficiaries should have adult accompanied. Adult redemption standard and other rules apply.
6. Members can add, modify and delete beneficiary information through HNA official website, Fortune Wings Club website, Hainan Airlines app, member service hotline 95339-8, ticket offices directly under member airlines of Fortune Wings Club, overseas offices of HNA or airport frequent passenger service area.
7. For other redemption rules and process, please refer to the Rules on Redemption beneficiaries of Airline Rewards.
8. Handle the beneficiary's business requirements at the ticket offices directly under the member companies of HNA, overseas offices of HNA or frequent passenger service areas of the airport:
(1) When a member adds a beneficiary, he / she must bring the original of the member's valid certificate and the copy / scanned copy of the beneficiary's valid boarding certificate.
(2) To modify / add the beneficiary's ID number, you must bring the original valid ID of the member, the original ID of the beneficiary and the copy / scan of the new ID.
(3) When exchanging aviation reward for the beneficiary, the card number and password of the member's Jinpeng card, as well as the original valid identity documents of the member and the beneficiary shall be provided.

I agree with and I accept the Terms&Conditions and Privacy Policy of the Fortune Wings Club or any future amendment and supplement. To enjoy more privileges and quality services, I agree that the Fortune Wings Club can send my information to group company as well as other related companies, and use my information legally.