Cathay United Bank

Cathay United Bank was founded in 1975 and is a member of Cathay Financial Holdings. Its credit card business was ranked first with the biggest market share in Taiwan in 2019 for amount of cards in circulation and cumulative account amount. As the most popular in Taiwan Credit cards with the highest usage rate, Cathay United credit cards provide a diverse range of promotional offers targeted at consumption of food, clothing, housing, transportation, child rearing, and entertainment, covering tourism, catering, shopping, entertainment, and refuelling, and conduct seasonal promotional activities.

Point-Earning Standard

450 Tree Points (credit card)= 1000 Fortune Wings Club Points

Terms and Conditions

1.From November 9, 2022 to December 31, 2024,the minimum transfer amount is 450 Tree Points (credit card) (inclusive) in exchanged for 1000 Fortune Wings Club Points, and the incremental change must be in units of 450 Tree Points.

2.You need to download the Fortune Wings Club Redemption Application Form. Please complete all the fields in the redemption form. If you do not complete it, it may cause delays in operations and your benefits may be impacted.

3.After completing the Fortune Wings Club Redemption Application Form, please return it to Cathay United Bank according to the instructions in the form. After the bank receives the form, it will take about 12-14 working days for the points to be credited to your FWC account.

4.Once the number of points has been redeemed, no changes or cancellation shall be applied.

5.The redemption is only applicable to the primary credit cardholder of Cathay United Bank. The cardholder can redeem for Fortune Wings Club Points using Tree Points (credit card) accumulated by credit card purchases.

6.Points awarded from this merchant shall be Award Points, not Status Qualifying Points (SQPs).

7.In each natural month, the total monthly cap of Fortune Wings Club Points can be redeemed through Tree Points (credit card) for each Cathay United Bank customer is 60,000 Fortune Wings Club Points.

8.In each calendar year, the total annual cap of Fortune Wings Club Points that can be redeemed through Tree Point (credit card) for each Cathay United Bank customer is 240,000 Fortune Wings Club Points.

Reservation Method

Click here to download a FWC points transfer request form(Existing Customers only)
Click here to apply for your loyalty program/credit
For assistance, please contact us via our Service Hotline at +886 2 2383-1000