China Resources Networks is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Resources Group,which was registered for establishment in Hong Kong on 1938.CRN launched Huaruntong coalition program on 2016, an uniform membership and reward points system for the whole CR group. Huaruntong serves more than 90 million customers, where they can earn and redeem their points in more than 10+ types of businesses and cooperative partners from different areas.

Point-Earning Standard

250 Huaruntong points can be redeemed into 10 Fortune Wings Club points, the 250 Huaruntong points as minimum needed to be redeemed per time.

Terms and Conditions

1.while no more than 500,000 Huaruntong points can be redeemed into Fortune Wings Club points by every Huaruntong member every month.
2.Points awarded from this merchant shall be Award Points, not Status Qualifying Points (SQPs).

Reservation Method

Scan the QR code to exchange points.