ICBC&HNA Co-Branded Credit Card

ICBC&HNA Co-Branded Credit Card is jointly issued by Industrial and Commercial Bank of China and HNA Group, which integrates the functions of Hainan Airlines Fortune Wings Club card and ICBC credit card. It combined credit card number and Fortune Wings Club membership card number in one card. It's a joint credit card with credit functions, transfer and settlement, access to cash and other financial functions. This card includes UnionPay single identification single-currency card (magnetic stripe + PBOC chip), MasterCard UnionPay logo multi-currency card (magnetic stripe) and VISA single identification full-money card (magnetic stripe + EMV chip), covering platinum, gold, general three levels, multi-brand, all media, the whole currency, all grades, all-round to meet your diverse needs.

Main Functions

Exclusive Benefits
1. All currencies: all currency cards, consumption overseas with no conversion fee; Multi-currency card, a card with 10 foreign currencies, use in domestic and foreign, can directly pay RMB or use USD, EUR, HKD, GBP, JPY, SGD, CAD, AUD, CHF and NZD direct payments without money conversion fee.
2. Chip Card (Full Currency): The full-currency card contains a PBOC chip card and a VISA (EMV) chip card. The PBOC chip card can be used in the territory and the EMV chip card can be used outside the country for safe and convenient operation. 3. Two cards merge: One card with two numbers,not only a convenient credit card, but also a Fortune Wings Club membership card.
4. Automatic points accrual when consumption: every 16 ICBC consumption points automatically convert 1 Fortune Wings Points (1 yuan for each cumulative consumption of 1 yuan, foreign currency consumption into RMB after the points calculation, With the exception of certain transactions that do not accrue points as stipulated by the Industrial and Commercial Bank of China) , Easily enjoy the Fortune Wings Club of various awards and services.
5. High-value insurance services: Platinum card holders who are successfully opened and enabled can get $ 4 million worth of aviation accident insurance and high travel inconvenience.
6. Fortune Wings Club points long-term effective: As long as there is a record of bank consumption points exchange Fortune Wings points, all points in your Fortune Wings Club account will be valid for 2 calendar years from the date of activation of this account. The points will be always valid as long as using credit card.

More Services
1. Has credit consumption, transfer settlement, access to cash and other functions;
2. Overseas consumption but domestic RMB repayment;
3. Can be automatically account repayment;
4. To provide cycle of credit and the maximum 56 days of interest-free repayment period;
5 can be shopping on extranet in the territory;
6. Can be used in the special merchant and ATM machines with "VISA" or "MASTERCARD" or "AMEX" or "China UnionPay".

Card Bonus

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Redemption ratio

Each division of 16 line ICBC exchange 1 Fortune Wings Points (Every consumption of 1 yuan accumulated points, consumption into foreign currency RMB after points calculation, including the $1 = RMB 6.5, Euro 1 = RMB 8 conversion, ICBC don't accumulate points except specific transactions), easily enjoy the Fortune Wings Club awards and services.
Points awarded from this merchant shall be Award Points, not Status Qualifying Points (SQPs).