ABC&HNA Co-Branded Credit Card

In 2009 the Agricultural Bank of China (Hereinafter referred to as:ABC) offered ABC&HNA Co-Branded Credit Card for the business elites by cooperating with hainan airlines. The card combined the function of Golden Spike Credit Card and Hainan Airlines membership card, and was divided into single currency UnionPay card brand, which is the first time that ABC issued the co-branded card in aviation field in China. The Agricultural Bank of China and Hainan Airlines provide many high-quality services and we wish you “hold a card, and easy travel.”

Main Functions

Exclusive benefits

1. Annual fee: Successful application of ABC&HNA Co-Branded Credit Card, you can enjoy the free annual fee benefits for the first year. If only have 5 consumptions in one year, the annual fee can also be free the next year.

2. 1 Each 15 points of ABC&HNA Co-Branded Credit Card may be converted into one mile of HNA Fortune Wings. All the bonus points can be converted into miles of HNA Fortune Wings only.

3. Aviation accident insurance: Using ABC&HNA Co-Branded Credit Card to buy tickets for cardholder can get high-value aviation accident insurance as a gift.

Comprehensive Travel Guarantee

Aviation accident insurance: Gold Card annual maximum of 2 million RMB/ household; Platinum Card each year up to 1,000,000 RMB / households.

Annual fee standards and preferential policies

Successful application of ABC&HNA Co-Branded Credit Card, you can automatically reduce the annual fee for the first year, when the consumption of 5 times, the annual fee can be reduced to the next year.

Card Bonus


More Credit Cards

    • Master Standard Card

    • Master Gold Card

Redemption ratio

Cardholder ABC&HNA Co-Branded Credit Card accumulated by the Agricultural Bank credit card points, according to the Gold Card/Common Card 15: 1 ratio, automatically converted into Fortune Wings points.
Points awarded from this merchant shall be Award Points, not Status Qualifying Points (SQPs).