Wanda Hotels & Resorts
Founded in 2012, Wanda Hotels & Resorts endeavors to become a respected international luxury hotel company from China. This vision has been achieved through three business models of hotel owner, owner and operator, and management contracts based on its core values of “People, our business. We hold the highest conduct. We seek mutual growth and success."

Point-Earning Standard

 This program is valid for all members who join in both Wanda Hotels & Resorts Loyalty Program and Fortune Wings Club.

1. Members can directly earn Fortune Wings Points when staying at any Wanda Hotels & Resorts participating hotels for eligible charges. Earning standard is: earn 1 Fortune Wings Points for each 4 RMB towards eligible consumption at hotels.

2. Members can redeem each 4 Wanda Hotels & Resorts Loyalty Program Points to 1 Fortune Wings Points. The minimum amount of hotel points of each time redemption is 1200 points.

Terms and Conditions

1. Fortune Wings Club members shall join in Wanda Hotels & Resorts Loyalty Program, bind the Fortune Wings Club account, and choose to earn HNA Fortune Wings Points first before checking-in.
2. Please present your membership card number of Wanda Hotels & Resorts Loyalty Program when booking and checking-in. See more Terms & Conditions.
3. Valid only for the room night fee, not including other consumption.
4. Points can only be accumulated to only one member’s account if there are at least two members staying in one guest room.
5. Fortune Wings Club members can earn bonus points only by presenting membership card and completing the stay.
6. Points above is regarded as award points. Points is not eligible to upgrade or retain FWC Elite membership status.

Reservation Method

Please log on www.wandahotels.com or call 400-088-8899 for reservation.