ALL – Accor Live Limitless
All of Accor, all for you. ALL – Accor Live Limitless rewards you wherever you are, whatever you do. The choice is always yours, with hundreds of hotels, homestays and restaurants to pick from. Where will today take you? Accor makes life easy, rewarding, spectacular, personal. Convenient bookings, Rewards points across Accor’s entire ecosystem, and best prices guaranteed. ALL makes life’s journey more rewarding, with privileged benefits and powerful partnerships. ALL makes it personal, with exclusive offers based on your taste, location and habits. ALL was designed for you.

Point-Earning Standard

1. ALL – Accor Live Limitless points converted into Fortune Wings Club points

Single Conversion Standard: 2,000 ALL – Accor Live Limitless Rewards points = 1,000 Fortune Wings Club points.

Annual Conversion Standard: The maximum exchange for Fortune Wings Points is 10,000 ALL – Accor Live Limitless Rewards points each calendar year.


Operational Methods:

Online conversion of points: ALL – Accor Live Limitless members can easily convert their points via the dedicated Hainan Airlines page with clear steps on how to convert ALL – Accor Live Limitless Rewards points into Fortune Wings Club points through

Automatic conversion: ALL – Accor Live Limitless members can select the Fortune Wings Club program as a preferred loyalty program for automatic conversion of points. Each time the threshold of 2000 Rewards points is reached, the member’s points will be automatically converted and transferred to his Fortune Wings Club Program account in multiples of 2000 ALL – Accor Live Limitless points.


2. Fortune Wings Club points converted into ALL – Accor Live Limitless points

Single Conversion Standard: 7,000 Fortune Wings Club points = 1,000 ALL – Accor Live Limitless points

Notice: Presently converting Fortune Wings Club points to ALL-Accor Live Limitless points has been temporarily suspended. We are in the process of setting up online points conversion, please look for it soon!

Terms and Conditions

1. If ALL – Accor Live Limitless member wish to use ALL – Accor Live Limitless points convert to Fortune Wings Points, ALL – Accor Live Limitless members need to register into Fortune Wings Club member first and vice versa.
2. For more details please visit or call ALL – Accor Live Limitless Customer Care at:4001335533
3. Points above is regarded as award points. Points is not eligible to upgrade or retain FWC Elite membership status.

Reservation Method

1. Please visit Hainan Airlines Landing Page on ALL – Accor Live Limitless Website
2. Contact Central Reservations
+1 506 870 7179