2020 Maintaining the Platinum Enjoy the Elite Privileges

【Promotion Period】

January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020

【Promotion Details】

Platinum Card Members who are facing the issue of maintaining the current elite membership status in 2020 can maintain the status automatically as long as the base segments or points have reached 72 or 90,000 during platinum card validity period.

Applicable Conditions

Membership Status

Normal Elite Eligibility Requirement

Ten percent off discount standard on base segments

Normal Elite Eligibility Requirement 

Ten percent off discount standard on base points

Platinum Card 

80 base segments

72 base segments

100,000 base points

90,000 base points



1.    The validity period and benefits of preferential maintained platinum card is the same as the normal maintained platinum card.

2.    The rolling points and segments of platinum card members will be calculated according to the preferential standard after participating activities successfully. For example: If a platinum member who has 75 base segments participates in this activity, 72 base segments can be used to upgrade your status of membership and the extra 3 base segments will be enrolled and recalculated in the next status.

3.    Those who do not meet the conditions of application are excluded from participation.