Tianjin Airlines 10th Anniversary— part 2

【Promotion Period】

2019-01-01 to 2019-06-30

【Promotion Details】

During the promotion period,  Fortune Wings Club members who have accumulated the top 100 ranking SQPs by taking the GS flights with the flight number begin with  "GS"  can receive the following rewards before July 31, 2019.


The rank of SQPs during the promotion

Free upgrade coupon for domestic routes of Tianjin Airlines

Tianjin Airlines global website coupon of RMB150

DiDi Luxe car coupon

1 to 50



2*108 RMB

51 to 100



1*108 RMB


Terms and conditions

1. Flight Date: 2019/01/01-2019/06/30

2. Applicable flight: flight of Tianjin Airlines and flight number begin with “GSXXX”

3. ConditionsDuring the period from Jan 1,  2019 to Jun30,  2019 ,Fortune Wings Club members who have accumulated the top 100 ranking SQPs .

4. Application Rules for Upgrade Coupons

4.1 Valid date and flight date:  2019/08/01 - 2020/08/01

4.2 Upgrades coupon code will be sent to the Fortune Wings Club member accounts - "my coupons" which meets the award criteria before July 31,  2019.

4.3 The coupon upgrades only apply to domestic flights operated by Tianjin Airlines with the flight number of "GS" and one upgrade coupon can only be used by one person on one segment which appears on their ticket.

4.4 Eligible Class for Upgrade Coupons:



Domestic Flight

Tianjin Airlines(GS)



Y/B/H/K/L/M/X/Q/W/E class tickets on domestic flights operated by Tianjin Airlines.

4.5 Eligible trips:  one way (OW), round trip (RT), connecting trip (CT).

4.6 Eligible tickets:  Tianjin Airlines tickets and electronic tickets.

4.7 Eligible flights:  free upgrade coupons can only be redeemed by the member themselves or a validated beneficiary specified by the member.

4.8 Booking methods for upgrade coupons.

4.8.1 Fortune Wings Club membership customer service hotline 95339-3, any domestic authorized ticket sales office or overseas office, and ticket offices of our partner airlines.

4.8.2 VIP member customer service hotline 950717-3 or86-89895339-3.

4.8.3 Required documents for booking: Members must have a valid proof of identity and their member password. If an agent is completing the booking, then the agent is also required to provide a valid proof of identity.

4.8.4 Please complete upgrades for domestic flights at least 2 hours before departure.

4.8.5 Please complete upgrades for flight that include intermodal segments with other airlines at least 24 hours before departure. 

4.8.6 Please complete upgrades for flights that include domestic and international intermodal segments at least 4 hours before departure. 

4.8.7 Points for tickets upgraded using upgrade coupons will be calculated according to the original ticket class.

4.8.8 Please click here  to  find out more booking methods and rules.

5. Application rules for Tianjin Airlines global website Coupons .

5.1Valid date :   2019/07/01 -2019/12/31

5.2 Flight Date: 2019/02/16-2020/03/18; 2020/05/07-2020/06/20

5.3 The coupons code will be sent to the member's mailbox that meets the award criteria before July 31, 2019.

5.4 The coupons code is composed of 12 digits and letters. Users need to manually input the coupon code in the payment page of Tianjin Airlines global website.

5.5 Application Rules for global website Coupons.

5.5.1 The validity period of the coupon code and the date of the return flight shall follow the specified date.

5.5.2 The coupon code can only be used to purchase tickets on the Tianjin Airlines global website; The coupon code only be used once in an order. If more than one ticket appears in an order, one adult ticket is deducted first.

5.5.3 The coupon code can only be used for flights originating from China on the Tianjin Airlines global website , and all flight segments must be carried by tianjin airlines. The promotion code is invalid for connecting flights with foreign airlines and code-sharing flights.

5.5.4 The coupon code is only for ticket payment and cannot be used to pay airport construction fee, fuel surcharge and other related taxes.

5.5.5 When the ticket purchased with the coupon code is refunded or rescheduled, the coupon code used for the original ticket will automatically become invalid. In addition to the rescheduling fee and price difference fee, passengers should also make up the direct discount generated by the original promotion code.

5.5.6 Coupon codes cannot be used for ticket-free exchange, point-and-cash or other special campaign.

6. Notes for use of DiDi Luxe car coupon.

6.1 DiDi Luxe car coupon will be sent to the member's mailbox that meets the award criteria before July 31, 2019.

6.2 Log in to the "Drip Trip" app - click on the personal center logo in the top left corner of the homepage - click on the "Redemption Code" item - enter the redemption code to redeem the claim before Aug30, 2019.

6.3 The right to interpret the activities of DiDi Luxe car is owned by DiDi .  Please contact DiDi customer service hotline 4-000-000-999 for more details.