Enjoy Bonus Miles on Selected Routes

【Promotion Period】

28 March 2019 to 31 July 2019

【Promotion Details】

International routes:
Point reward
Applicable flights: Haikou = Singapore, Shenzhen = Osaka, Beijing = Calgary, Beijing = Las Vegas, Beijing = Tijuana = Mexico City, Haikou = Sydney, Haikou = Melbourne, Chongqing = Rome, Chongqing = Paris, Beijing = Dublin, Beijing = Edinburgh, Beijing = San Jose, Beijing = Oslo, Shenzhen = Dublin,Guiyang = Paris.
Applicable Flights: Hainan Airlines, Grand China Airlines self-operated flights.
Eligibility :Fortune Wings Club members.
Promotion period: New routes: Beijing = Oslo: May 15 to July 31, Other routes: March 28 to May 28
Applicable classes: All
Activity content: Members who sign up at the bottom of the event during the event can receive an additional 20% of the spending points by international designation. The additional bonus points will be credited with the actual accrueded points after the actual flight.
2. 50% off accompanied persons:
Ticket purchase time: May 15 - May 21, 2019
Flight time: May 15 - June 30, 2019
Applicable flights: Beijing = Oslo
Activities: During the event, the flights originating from the designated routes in HNA's official website and overseas official website can enjoy the 50% discount on ticket purchases.

Terms & Conditions

Additional points accrual

1. The event is limited to Fortune Wings Club members and Fortune Wings Club members who purchase tickets for their beneficiaries.

2. This policy can be enjoyed at the same time as the normal points earned by the member on the flight.

3. The additional bonus points for the event will be credited with the actual accumulated points of the flight at the end of the flight.

4. Reward points are only used as earned points and are not used as a basis for promotion.

5. The flight award is based on the actual flight date. If the ticket is refunded or changed to the active period, it will not be recorded as a valid flight for this event.

6. If you coincide with other points reward policies, you will only enjoy the highest points reward.

7. The flight check-in record during the member's retroactive activity shall be completed within 180 days after the flight. If the time is exceeded, it shall be deemed as a voluntary waiver. The rules for re-registration are subject to the rules of the Fortune Wings Club.

Companion Passengers

1. The event is limited to Fortune Wings Club members and Fortune Wings Club members to purchase tickets for beneficiaries.

2. The flight segments must be used in order, the tickets that are not used in order are invalid, and the tickets are not refundable.

3. Companion tickets need to be changed at the same time; 2 people with the same order, the same purchase record recorded up to 9 people. Not applicable to Jinlu card passengers or special passengers.

4. This discount rate is for 2 or more  and is applicable to travel originating in China. Reverse is not applicable. When using this tariff, the passenger's name must be booked under the same record code and must be issued at the same time and must be a consecutive ticket number.

5. Rescheduling and refund must meet the requirements of the lowest two companions. If the two people are not satisfied, the passenger needs to make up the difference.

6. The rescheduled period must meet the same period;

7. Reservation unit and ticket issuing unit: HNA official website and Hainan Airlines APP;

8. Not applicable to child and baby discounts.

9. In case of discrepancies with the Chinese activity page, please refer to the Chinese version.