2017 Enjoy the Gold and Silver Card Upgrade

【Promotion Period】

01/19/2017 - 12/31/2017

【Promotion Details】

Now, if you can achieve any of the following discounted grading standards in 12 consecutive months, you can apply for using your 2017 points for the corresponding upgrade.

【Applicable Conditions】

Membership Level

Normal Elite Eligibility Requirement

Twenty percent off discount standard on base segments

Normal Elite Eligibility Requirement 

Twenty percent off discount standard on base points

Gold Card

40 base segments

32 base segments

50,000 base points

40,000 base points

Sliver Card

20 base segments

16 base segments

30,000 base points

24,000 base points



1. If you have not yet reached the applicable conditions of activities, you can enroll to reduce the points in advance; the system will calculate your base segments and points automatically and your membership level will be upgraded directly when you meet the preferential standards. When you reach the activity upgrade standard, we will contact you within one week to confirm the card-issuing address. The starting date of new level is calculated from the date of reaching the activity standard;

2. The time between enrollment and reaching the standards of activities shall not exceed 1 month. For example: If one reaches the activity upgrade standards during the period from 15 February, 2016 to 14 February, 2017, one needs to register before March 13, 2017. If registration is overdue, the elite membership level will be recalculated according to the application.

3. If you have reached the activity standard, you can call 950717 within one month and consume 2017 points to upgrade your level. upgrade after reducing 2017 points. The period of normal upgrade and card-making is about two weeks; the starting date of new level is calculated from the date of actual operating upgrade date.

4. Successful registration will be irrevocable. If you do not meet the upgrade standard within the activity period, the reduced points will not be returned.

5. The preferential standards of this activity are not considered as the standard for the calculation of rolling points. The rolling points are calculated by the normal upgrade standard.

6. You can only apply for redeeming upgrades step by step, directly jump level or the same level of redeeming upgrade are not applicable. For example: the normal level card can not directly apply for upgrading to the gold card, silver card can not directly apply for maintaining the silver card which need to be demoted and then enroll to upgrade.

7. The activity can not use the "cash + mileage" way to make up the difference and returning the reduced points is not permitted for any reason.

8. The validity period and benefits of redeeming upgrade elite membership card are the same as the normal upgrade elite membership card. Your membership level will be corresponding downgraded if you do not reach the normal standard of elite members within the validity period.

9. Platinum card does not include in this activity;

10. Those who do not meet the conditions of application are excluded from participation.

【Registration Method】

1. You can register to redeem it by clicking the bottom button Register.
2. You can register to redeem it by calling the member hotline at (86-898)950717.

【Promotion Registration】